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Counter komprimeer of files, 7-Zip is a good alternative to free WinRAR.

The 7-Zip interface is similar to its competitors, with the main file manager and commands for searching for files and choose to exit or komprimeer. Control panel to add the necessary basics, such as extract, and testing,And also copy, move and delete functions for managing files. 7-Zip to extract to a file as soon as WinZipna WinRAR with argiefformate large, like ZIP, TAR, ISO RAREn.

Process archive 7-Zip, where many different competitors. Where WinZip allows you to simply compress in ZIP and RAR WinRAR in or ZIP, the 7zip organization offers up to5 different argiefformate to choose from. 7-Zip can choose opdateringsmodus depending on whether you want to add or modify files, archived refining files or simply balancing. If you do not want anyone to write a plain without your permission, you can set a passwordTo protect your records.

We especially liked the split tool, because it can stop your memory in the same chip, usable CD or DVD, if you need to distribute an especially large archive. Unfortunately, safety is where 7-Zip is behind its main competitors. There’s noThe way that documents are scanned for viruses, and you can not recover corrupted files or are corrupted.

7-Zipinaweza be safe, like WinZip or WinRAR, but it’s certainly more versatile. It works with a lot of argiefformate and provides many useful tools,As a status change or splitting. If you have a very emotional, and if you do not like WinZip and WinRAR, we suggest you try using the 7-Zip with the potential.

Great is easier than its famous rivals, 7-Zip is a good tool lêerkompressie.


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